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Everyone has something they can offer and the suport is welocmed to better the organization.
We need all the support we can get to make our missions possible.
We partner with like minded organiztions for development issues and well being of fellow humans.​
New Light Youth Association

Empowerment and development issues

The organization engages in development projects through partnering with like minded organizations both local and international organization such as NGOs, Governments institutions, Educational institutions, religious institutions etc..


New Light Youth Association has got three departments which are, Training, Research and consultancy and Job creation and innovation department with experienced personnel to under take training, research and consultancy activities. Each department is made up of a multidisciplinary team comprising of various expertise on cross cutting issues (i.e. Poverty,employment, Gender, Environment and Good governance).

Functions of the organization

In order to fulfill its objectives, New Light Youth Association has the following activities 

1. To develop business ideas and plan development project, monitoring and evaluating projects. 

2. To co-operate with macro and micro financing institutions to sustain youths and women entrepreneurial activities.

3. To assist group members to have access to macro and micro financing services and proper management of their entrepreneurial activities.

4. To conduct training on entrepreneurship.

5. To conduct research on poverty alleviation.

6. To cooperate with national and international development agencies to facilitate community development.

7. To cooperate with the Governmental  organizations as well as private companies and any person within or outside the country to secure the planned and orderly development

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